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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 9, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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rain next thursday. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next with nightly news. >> we'll be back at 6:00. hope to see you then. bye. breaking news tonight, mounting evidence a passenger plane was shot down over iran by mistake new images appearing to show a missile hitting the jetliner moments after takeoff. u.s. intelligence sources saying it was likely fired in error by iran. the disaster on the heels of the attack on u.s. forces in iraq. the photo showing remains of a russian-made rocket. the victims, all 176 on board killed, dozens from canada. >> i lived because of her. i was married to her for ten years. >> tonight iran's denial and will the u.s. be allowed to join the investigation. also breaking, the vote a short time ago. the house moving t restrict president trump's war powers on iran and the president's new claim that iran
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was plotting to blow up a u.s. embassy. growing drama for the royals, the queen reportedly sending charles and william to negotiate with prince harry after he and wife meghan markle blindsided the family. what's behind this royal rift the medical miracle, the second baby born in the u.s. from a breakthrough procedure. new hope for so many struggling to start a family. the violent storms on the move 2,000 miles from the south back now with a miracle baby offering new hope for treating infertility. to new england, plus the weather whiplash doctors announced for the second time in the u.s. a baby was born ahead. from a womb donated by and a lot of us are doing it this flu season, the staggering a deceased number of americans going to work sick >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt dr. john torres and good evening the family's incredible journey stunning new video tonight appears to show the moment a >> all right missile strikes a the pregnancy test is ukrainian airliner as positive >> the moment of joy, it departed teheran's airport early they never thought yesterday just hours after iran's military attack against u.s. forces in iraq they'd experience. in november even more joy when jen gave the new pictures come birth to their son as american and canadian intelligence sources tell us there benjamin with a uterus is strong evidence the from a deceased donor. >> i was so excited plane and the 176 something that i thought never would people on board were happen happened. >> reporter: today
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mistakenly blown from the sky by iranian doctors at penn medicine explained the forces but from iran tonight, procedure offering strong denials hope to 5% of women we begin with nbc's tom costello. with uterus problems >> reporter: tonight, u.s. intelligence >> they can't get sources say satellite pregnant because they imagery and don't have a uterus. >> at 17 she was told intercepts confirm she could never bear children. >> it wasn't you have iranian missiles sho to take extra steps. it was it's not a passenger jet out of possible. >> reporter: the transplant took ten hours. six months later, jen the sky early tuesday morning. this video appears to show the moment a was pregnant missile exploded the fireball streaking the first such baby across the sky ukrainian airlines was delivered in flight 752 left brazil a year ago. teheran at 6:12 a.m. headed for kiev. the cleveland clinic did it again in june u.s. sources say two baby benjamin is number three in the minutes later, two world. russian-made missiles today, the donor's fired at the plane mother said in a statement her daughter second later, a midair was the best mother she ever knew. explosion. the plane crashing to the ground u.s. officials believe the shootdown was an >> i think there's in accident as iran was on high alert for a measure to how important that is and how much that meant to u.s. counterattack after firing missiles us that this family was at u.s. troops in able to preserve her iraq. legacy. >> reporter: giving >> it was flying at a pretty rough neighborhood, and life to this family somebody could have and hope to many more. made a mistake dr. john torres, nbc some people say it was mechanical news >> that's one happy i personally don't family. coming up, going
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think that's even a question, personally. to work when sick, >> reporter: among the we'll tell you when 176 on board, 11 it's really best to ukrainians, 82 stay home for everybody's sake iranians, and 63 canadians. >> we have intelligence from multiple sources including our allies and our own intelligence, the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by an iranian surface to air missile. >> reporter: ukrainian news organizations say this photo unconfirmed by nbc news says it could be the remains of a russian-made rocket iran calls it a fake at the kiev airport in ukraine today friends and family members remember the passengers and crew members with flowers and photos. >> why they decided to take off three, four hours after an attack instead of just saying let's stay on the ground for awhile, that is a questionnobut it's a question that needs to be answered. >> tom, you've been reporting from the beginning aviation sources were suspecting a missile what was their biggest clue
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n e sky. an engine fire would not be that big. pilots would have been able to fly the plane and they would not have lost all of their c oms at once. this plane went completely dark in a flash two minutes into the flight. >> all right tom costello, thank you. the view of this disaster from iran starkly different. fresh denials tonight that a missile could have downed that airplane richard engel has more on iran's reaction. >> reporter: ira tonight isn't explaining why the plane crashed while the country was on high alert for a possible american counterattack after iran fired a salvo of missiles at bases housing american troops at iraq, only that iran didn't shoot it a blanket denial the head of iran's aviati aviation state on english tv >> translator: the allegations it was hit by a missile is
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totally ruled out. >> reporter: siting witnesses, officials said the aircraft somehow caught fire three minutes after takeoff, that the pilot tried to regain altitude of 8,000 feet and return to the airport but the fire was too intense and the plane crashed and exploded officials also denying iran is unwilling to hand over the black box to foreign investigators. a witness on local tv says he heard an explosion, went to the scene, and saw bodies and the aircraft in pieces iranian news agency close to the government said the story that iran shot down the plane by accident or otherwise is psychological warfare from the cia to deflect attention from the iranian missile attack. >> richard, what's iran's calculations behind the blanket denial >> reporter: big domestic considerations iran is trying to show strength that its moder military delivered a slap in the face to the united states. if that's the message it wants to show the iranian people, not that the military was somehow incompetent. richard?
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>> thank you. beyond iran that crash was an enormous tragedy for canada which has one of the largest iranian populations outside the middle east. 63 people on the plane were canadian nationals, many others it's flu season there to study miguel almaguer has and plenty of us have done, going to work some of their stories sick tonight from toronto. so how do you know >> reporter: more than when it's okay and 130 people on board when you need to stay home flight 752 were headed to canada. here's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: the flu newlyweds and doctors. is upon us, that college students, tenacious virus entire families with their children. hanging in the air, lingering on door handles and elevator >> it breaks my heart buttons and co-workers to know that many people from my are getting it the message from community are gone. >> reporter: doctors -- go home heartbreak that's reverberating throughout this the reality 90% of workers said they go country tonight. several of the victims to work while sick 90. >> quick question for were children, including 1-year-old you. >> what's up >> have you ever come cordia malani killed to work sick >> yes. alongside her mom and >> yes, you have why? dad. >> i was hoping she picks up and she says yeah, i'm here. >> i have. because i had to -- because i had to work. >> for shame. >> reporter: hamez lost his wife perisha kate snow, for shame >> i don't want anyone and only child, 9-year-old daughter to ever think i'm not rirwa. actually sick when i'm leaving. >> i will miss them forever. >> you worry that they think you're faking. i think there is a >> yeah. hole in my heart now. >> we get too into ourwo and s
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have to keep on going. >> reporter: the cdc >> reporter: shada posted this photo moments before take has some guidance. off. if you have a fever she was a chemist in 100 degrees or more iran visiting her mom. stay home. >> i lived because of her. don't come back until you've been fe i was married to her for ten years. for 24 hours and here is a sensible prevention tip. very short ten years. >> i make sure i wash my hands thoroughly. >> reporter: at least 30 victims lived in >> you're actually edmonton, including holding on hand newlyweds who traveled sanitizer as we do to teheran for their this wedding according to our canadian partner and it's almost empty. >> and i haven't cbc. missed work for a long time. >> reporter: for those like many on board, who can't avoid they were grad students studying in getting sick, remember this. canada. >> you know what we don't want we don't want your >> they were all sneezing we don't want your coughing we don't want your mucus-filled voice geniuses who came here to learn crossing the room. they came here to add to the world and now >> reporter: oh, yeah they are not here and feel better soon anymore. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> reporter: tonight >> i've been holding back a cough that here in toronto and entire story up next, imagine sleeping on a cardboard bed. in cities all across canada, many are coming to memorials olympic athletes will. and vigils like this one. a nation mourning for so many lives that have been lost lester >> miguel almaguer, thank you. air travel across a politically unstable world can leave commercial planes to
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war and deadly miscalculations. one of the most famous examples was in 1988 involving the u.s. and iran an american warship at high alert in the persian gulf on the ship's radar an approaching aircraft mistaken for an iranian fighter. the commander of the "uss vinsons" giving an order to shoot it down the aircraft turned out to be iran air flight 655, a civilian airbus on route to dubai. all 290 people on board were killed. it was not the first time a commercial aircraft unwittingly flew into the fatal fog of war ten years earlier, korean air flight 90 flew off course in route from paris to seoul. attacked by soviet fighters, forced to land on a frozen lake killing two. then in 1983, another off course korean airliner was downed by soviet jets. 269 people on flight 007 were killed.
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airlines are always seeking the most fuel efficient routes between points "a" and "b," meaning flight plans can cross unstable areas. >> these areas of conflict where the tensions are higher certainly mean that the operators, the airlines, need to be vigilant. >> in 2001, 78 people were dead during a ukrainian military exercise and it was over ukraine in 2014 that malaysia air flight 17 was shot down by a russian missile as war waged below. the message is clear. >> it's a wake-up call to the military of every military in the world to be absolutely certain of target identification before you release a missile. >> even before the teheran air disaster, many global airlines avoiding iranian air
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space during the flare-up of tensions. the house voted on a resolution to restrict the president's ability to strike iran without approval from congress that from a house speaker and defense from the president. here's kasie hunt. >> reporter: tonight, house democrats demanding the president get approval from congress before taking military action with iran, which did not happen before the strike that killed qassem soleimani. >> it was disdainful in terms of not consulting with congress, dismissive >> reporter: it comes after democrats blasted classified threat themistration said justified the attack it is a fy from meeting a standard of imminent threat. >> reporter: the president saying to act quickly to republicans that said a public debate. >> i find it insulting he's the chief of police to the bay area's largest city but and i find it demeaning to the that didn't help him with the constitution of the united states. problem at the dmv.
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>> mike and rand paul disagree because they >> being turned away becauseat want information that honestly i think is very hard to get and >> the reason the ejected it really had to do the chief for a real i.d. that's next. with sources and finally tonight, information that we had that really should our preview of this remain at a very high level. summer's olympics in >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi tokyo including the unconventional beds today. the athletes will >> what do you say to the trump sleep on administration if they here is kevin tibbles. are telling you that's empowering iran? >> reporter: being an >> that's foolish. that's completely olympian can be tiring foolish. >> reporter: meanwhile, the work so you hope they president making will have a comfortable place to sleep. still, tokyo has unsubstantiated claims adopted th sustainability theme an about his so the medals are made justification for the strike from recycled cell phones, hopefully they modern presidents used are on mute. the olympic torch is recycled aluminum and executive authority to launch conflicts around the world and the beds cardboard. congress hasn't been can you show me the able to stop them. cardboard beds? >> cardboard beds? tonight, republican >> reporter: 18,000 matt gaetz one of cardboard bed frames three republicann voting for the olympic village with plastic yes. >> this is real stuff to real people and if mattresses to be they're going to put reused in plastic their lives in harm's products after the way, if we are going to do this as a nation games. athletes can adjust we should have a the firmness like on conversation >> reporter:
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meanwhile, tonight, pelosi under pressure of democrats said one of the new fangled beds on late night tv she'll send the and like a regular articles of bed, the cardboard ones are build to with impeachment to the senate when she's ready. likely soon. stand up to 440 pounds of sleepy olympian. >> why would they do lester >> thank you. also tonight, we that happened to comfort? are tracking violent storms across a >> reporter: 40 2,000-mile stretch from the south to new recyclable winks before the 400 meters. england. al roker is here al, what are you looking at tonight kevin tibbles, nbc >> lester, it's an news, chicago. >> that is nightly early spring pattern news i'm lester holt. thank you for watching, everyone, instead of january, and good night we have ten state, 31 million people at risk for tornados, hail and damaging winds a flood threat from texas to michigan. right now at 6:00, he says vie slent storms for the southern plains. he felt embarrassed and snow developing behind it on saturday that severe threat moves to unamerican. the reason san jose's police the east chief was denied the real i.d. ten states, 18 million people at the dmv. again, the threat of also a teacher in contra tornados, real problems with snow, two to six inches in costa county charged with multiple sex crimes involving the midwest. her students from years ago. storms of two to five but first, stepping up inches of rain flash flood watches in safety, but is it enough? the midwest and records possible from houston to cleveland saturday temperatures b.a.r.t. moves forward with a 10 to 30 degrees above plan to bring so-called average. ambassadors aboard trains. lester >> we'll break out the shorts and sandals, thanks. st 6:00 starts right now to the drama now. good evening and thanks for
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among the royals joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. reports in the uk that >> and i'm raj mathai. meghan markle is traveling to canada you will not be alone. tonight after her bombshell announcement with prince harry that they are stepping back as senior members of that's the message b.a.r.t. is the family keir simmons is in london and has the sending to riders after latest. >> reporter: another approving a plan for men and night of drama in the royal family women to ride b.a.r.t. trains. a london newspaper the they're the eyes and ears for first to report prince charles and prince police officers, but is this william were only sent enough to improve safety? a copy of harry and meghan's statements ten minutes before >> having someone with a b.a.r.t. jersey on, on vehicles it was released. quoting unnamed senior and on the platforms is a big sources with whom nbc change. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is hoping news has not spoke 2020 is the year they can bring down crime on board their the "london evening standard" says a meeting between prince trains. today all nine b.a.r.t. directors gave the thumbs up -- harry and the queen was blocked by palace >> motion carries unanimously. officials but the queen made it clear he >> wonderful. should not go public about his future plans thank you, you all. at this time. >> the fact they have done it in this way is a massive slap in the >> reporter: to hire ten men and face for the royal family. >> reporter: but today women to become ambassadors. a friend of prince harry defending the couple. their job is to ride the trains >> harry will always serve the queen and now it's time for him to serve archie and meghan. every day from 2:00 p.m. to midnight. >> you need to find people who >> reporter: even in are good at talking to people. their engagement >> reporter: got a question? interview, they acknowledged the pressures of royal life. >> i did not have any ask the ambassador. see someone behaving violently?
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understanding of just what it would be like. point that person out to the >> i tried to warn you as much as possible. >> reporter: ever since that fairy tale in tensie been building behind the scenes meghan was often in tears. tonight on harry and meghan's website they laid out what they want, to remain loya patrons of charities, take a new approach with the media and keep their home in windsor. there's also the issue of security. when's paying for it the royal family was blamed after princess diana's fatal crash for not providing her with royal protection officers and tonight, there are late reports that the queen has directed princes charles and william to begin negotiations with harry and get a deal done within days perhaps the recognition that if harry and meghan simply walked away, itfami >> all right, keir nothing like living a family drama in the public, the whole world watching. in australia, new evacuations are ordered as wildfires
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burned across the country and a group of american firefighters joining the battle just arrived to a hero's welcome janis mackey frayer is there. >> reporter: cheers for american firefighters arriving at the sydney airport desperately needed in a fire zone that tonight is at risk of growing. more than 2,000 homes and everything in them gone. >> we didn't have time to get anything. we had seven minutes. >> reporter: countless animals struggling to survive. karen came from seattle to volunteer at this kangaroo refuge and barely escaped. >> it was like a bomb had gone off. >> reporter: most of the kangaroos wandered back suffering burns and the stress of losing their habitat high winds can kick up ember attacks to help the flames to spread the real fear is the massive fires will merge. lester jyoane just ahead, amazing medicine for the second time a baby born in this country to a woman who had a groundbreaking transplant we'll meet the family tonight. also with the flu
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now wide spread, the astonishing number of us who still go to work sick. why we won't stay home and the big risks of working when we're under the weather.
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